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verb   pro·duce    

\ prə-ˈdüs ,  prō- ,  -ˈdyüs \

: to bear, make, or yield something

NOUN /ˈproʊdus/ things that have been made or grown

...especially vegetables and fruits

Meet the


Its the classic front-of-house meets back-of-house story. From across the kitchen expo line in a popular restaurant in Laguna Beach, we realized a mutual affinity for excelling in chaos and a passion for the crazy and ever-changing world of food & hospitality. Parting ways for a while, we each started a family, and continued to hone our respective crafts. After nearly a decade of working for 'the man' it was time for both of us to take a leap and join forces on our own adventure.

 With a simple play on words to represent fresh food in the kitchen and a creative approach to planning events,  PRODUCE was born.  

to create something or bring into existence

Chef Kiel Andersen
Co-Founder & Catering Boss
Ashleigh Currier Mutty
Co-Founder & Creative Boss
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